Shelving for Warehouses

There are many different types of warehouses serving a wide variety of different business and logistical needs. Once a warehouse has been built especially for certain kind of goods, it will have been planned with doors and loading bays offering an easy, smooth and fast flow of goods. Now all that’s needed is an extensive array of racking and shelving to store all the inventory. For all your racking requirements, consider Industrial Shelving Ireland from

What types of warehouse storage is available?

There are several different types including:

Industrial shelving

Pallet racking

Mobile shelving

Mezzanine floors

Multi-tier racking

These different storage methods serve different purposes and the one suitable for a particular warehouse will depend on the size and weight of stock and the layout of the warehouse. Amongst these different types are further sub categories as well!


Shelving is quite self-explanatory and involves items stored on static shelving as opposed to mobile pallets, so stock cannot be accessed by forklift truck. However, for easy stock that’s quick to access, shelving offers a great option, just like the shelves of a shop.

This is why many warehouses choose this option for light goods that require manual picking. These might include clothing, parts, small toys or food items for example. Heavy goods cannot be stored on shelving of this kind.

When considering shelving, the main factor is the weight of items you want to store, followed by height. High shelving will require ladder access and won’t be suitable for heavier items.

The two types of static shelving are short span and long span shelving. Short span is perfect for small items, while larger long span shelving is put to use for bigger stock items. Either system is adjustable.

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Mobile shelving is another option for warehouses of certain stock. They are commonly used for archiving documents and storing data and come fitted with a traction system for easy movement.

Storing items in mobile shelving means stock can be compacted close together when access isn’t needed. This is a great solution for smaller spaces in a warehouse or storage area, to maximise on the amount of space available.

Mobile shelving units are built onto a level track with the track placed either into the floor or mounted on top of the unit. To install one of these units, a thorough assessment of the type of floor will need to be carried out. Before installing, it must be clear that no damage will occur to the existing floor and that the tracks will remain in place and be stable. When the shelves are not needed, they can be locked into position to secure them. These units are also available in a manual or mechanical system set-up.


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