How to Pick the Perfect Design for Your New Bar

When choosing their favourite bars, patrons tend to look at a number of features. When you’re designing your bar, these are the things that you need to look at. They more attention you pay to them, the more regulars you should attract.

Focus on Your Target Market

When designing your bar, ensure you know exactly what demographic you want to attract. If you’re looking for sports fans, a more laid-back sports theme is appropriate, but if it’s high-end clientele you’re after, you need decor that matches this audience’s sophisticated tastes.

Survey the Neighbourhood

Your bar needs to fit in with its surroundings to a degree, or it won’t attract local custom too. Once you’ve got a feel for the area, decide on your design and theme, and carry it through wherever you can.

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Choose the Right Furniture

Ensure that the furniture you choose is comfortable but that it is easy to move around and doesn’t clutter the place up. Size is very important, and the best bars all manage to balance the right chairs, tables and stools within the space constraints. The furniture you choose also sets the tone, so remember this!

Design Your Layout Around Your Equipment

No one likes cramped, badly thought-out spaces, so you need to ensure your bar’s layout accommodates things like the commercial cold rooms that a company such as can assist you with. With a bit of smart planning you can keep functional areas and equipment out the way and create a comfortable space.

Find the Right Lighting

Lighting sets a mood, and that’s what you need to create in your bar. Too bright is not great, and too dim feels dingy, so you need to get a happy medium. You may want to opt for different lighting fixtures to ensure that the right look and feel is achieved throughout.

Choose Themed Decor

Your decor is important, as it creates an impression and an ambience. Choose decor that ties in with your overall theme but that also adds interest. There are so many ways you can decorate a bar, and if you have a little expert advice you’ll find that it is easy to create a space that looks great, is welcoming and strikes just the right note with patrons.


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