Intranet Portal: What Is It and Is It Applicable to Your Business?

Company data is one of the most important things in the company. Day to day transactions from the customers and the daily expenditures are needed to be recorded efficiently for future purposes. Storing, accessing, and sharing of data are important things in the company. These are likely to be affected when you decided to have an Intranet Portal. But what is an Intranet Portal and how does it work?

An Intranet portal is a portal that offers unified access to enterprise data and application. An intranet portal works just like the internet, but with a huge difference in how it is implemented. Instead of being available publicly, an Intranet Portal can only be accessed by the authorized employees of the company. In the modern digital world, a lot of people managed to create a way for shared file storage, shared collaboration spaces, instant messaging, and virtual spaces. Because of this, data can be shared securely among all members of your organization.

Benefits of Having Intranet Portal

There are emails and Facebook available to communicate with other members of the company. However, these intermediaries can be tracked down easily and compromising your company data. With an Intranet Portal, only your company members will be able to access data and in addition, a customized communication platform can be developed for easier communication. Because all the file sharing can be done in the Intranet Portal, your employees will not be tempted to use online solutions in which might turn into an hour of surfing on Facebook. It will also reduce the paperwork needed just to transfer a document to someone from another department.

With an intranet portal, the admin can now roll out announcements in an easier way. Everyone can see what’s going on in the announcement space or can be emailed to each employee. Because an Intranet Portal handles storage and file access, it can also handle the management of data. In addition, each change in the documents can be saved and edited real time, which means that your documents are always the latest version. There are also options which let you see previous versions of documents.

Free Intranet Portals

Using an Intranet Portal is a big change in the company. It will surely make big changes in how your office works. If you’re not sure about needing an Intranet Portal, there several neat options that will help you decide. You can try using a free company intranet portal to see if your company will be benefitted in the change. This is also a great way to introduce your employees to this kind of technology.

Free Intranet Portals are often made through open source software development. Because of this, the source code can be tweaked and styled according to the need of the business. However, this will be needing a lot of effort and rigorous work for you and your employees because the portal will be built from the scratch.

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