What do you know about pop-up shops?

Pop-up shops are becoming a popular way of bringing attention to a brand or business. They are specifically set up to be temporary and will last for days, weeks or months. Many people are drawn to these exciting new stores.

An appearance that is unusual and exciting helps to create intrigue, especially when in store media is used.

Why consider a pop-up store?

The high street is going through an intense period of change and a pop-up store is becoming a trendy way to market a business or product. Many pop-up shops are created to show off and sell a new range or item as a small part of a bigger marketing campaign. Potential customers can get their hands on a new product and be given the opportunity to be one of the first to have it. This is sometimes a more effective way of selling than via advertising, where customers are unable to hold the product or see it in front of them.

Pop-ups are useful for marketing. Restaurants or pubs that are considering a particular location may wish to test the waters by seeing how successful a pop-up shop in the area is first; in addition, businesses that operate online could use pop-ups to interact personally with their customers and direct others to their website to show all that they have to offer.

Pop-up shops could also be used to unload inventory. This can be a quick way of clearing out a warehouse of goods to create room for current merchandise and also to make a profit on items that have not sold.

What to consider when setting up a pop-up shop

As with most marketing-related ventures, creativity is key to enticing customers to your door; for example, in store media options found online at Mood Media could be one source of inspiration.

It is important to consider the timing of such a project to ensure the product matches the time of year. Summer and spring are likely to result in more footfall, with holiday seasons also very popular. Making sure there is enough time to adequately plan the operation is extremely important.

The location needs to be appropriate for your brand or product; in addition, rental rates will need to be taken into account.

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