Does social distancing prevent infection?

Coronavirus has become pandemic and spread rapidly around the world infecting millions and later causing thousands of deaths in more than two hundred countries. There is lock down in countries all over the world and situation is becoming more serious and deadly.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease and transmitted from an affected person to another after close contact among them due to coughing and sneezing. There is no vaccine for cure of COVID-19 but health services are struggling to cope with this deadly situation. Practicing good personal and environmental hygiene, upgrading immune system and social distancing is suggested by health authorities to control the spread of virus among people.

Schools, educational institutes, restaurants, shopping malls and businesses of every type specially relating with consumer dealings are shut down, ordering most of them to work online from home. Many employees are advised to find alternative ways of working such as teleworking. Every type of gatherings of more than 10 people is restricted and social distancing is suggested to prevent viral infections.

There are some businesses which are allowed to remain open and operate due to its nature. The business owners are advised to practice social distancing and cleaning and sanitizing as approved by national health authorities. They must obey the rule of preventing the gathering of 10 or more people in one area. Public utilities and food supplies are hard to close but it should be done under guidance from (CDC). Businesses which offer deliveries, take-away and drive-thru services are still open and working.

Public transportation which includes trains, subway, buses and planes are suggested to essential use only.

CDC has recommended strategies for businessmen and employees during the outbreak of coronavirus to prevent the spread virus among people. Sick employees are encouraged to stay isolated at home. Separate sick employees from each other and emphasize on practicing hand sanitizing and maintaining personal hygiene to recover quickly. Employees suffering from health issues must stay at home to rest and travel only for essential reasons. Essential reasons are traveling to health facilities, pharmacies, doctors, food supplies and similar reasons.

If an employee is confirmed COVID-19 positive, he must inform his supervisor and fellow employees at office to take proper measures as referred by CDC guidance. Health authorities must be informed immediately to take quick action to avoid biohazard infection. Disaster cleanup contractor provide latest decontamination and sanitization from infection to businesses, offices, community centers and government buildings.

Every place has different decontamination solutions and disaster cleaning services providers are expert in selecting proper disinfectants and sanitizers. They choose decontaminants that vary in strength and sanitization services for effective results against biohazard decontamination. The techs work hard to disinfect your facilities to make them safe and productive and keep your employees and customers healthy and safe from coronavirus.

Cleaning contractors provide deep cleaning, scrubbing, decontamination and sanitization of high grade chemicals with the help of electric and electrostatic equipment using deep cleaning techniques with color-coded micro-fibers.

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