Female-Only Coworking Spaces – The Future for Women in STEM

Coworking spaces that are exclusively for women have been proven to be a place where women can flourish professionally. Some of the most prominent female scientists, engineers, and technologists in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), have found that working in a non-male environment has made them more productive. Girls-only spaces are on the rise over the past two years, and it seems like they will continue to grow with all the incredible progress they have made. How can a coworking space that is exclusively female make a difference in the lives of women? These are just a few of the many benefits these coworking spaces provide:

1. Encouragement rather than competition

Women in STEM are often subject to sexism during their professional lives. It is difficult to speak out when this happens in an office where both men and women are present. This issue is easily resolved in a coworking space that is female-centric. Because it’s easier for women to share their experiences with other women, there is a feeling of support. Coworking spaces allow people to work for different companies which makes communication easier as there is no need to keep track.

2. Visually-Pleasing Environments and Welcoming Environments

All employees need to be satisfied in regular offices. There are many options. You may find a recreation room, a kitchen, and separate bathrooms. But there is so much more. Imagine an office with pale lavender walls, large carpeting, comfy chairs, drapes, and plants, as well as spacious bathrooms. This is possible only in women-only coworking spaces. It can improve productivity. The environment in which we work has a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of our work. Meeting the needs of women in the workplace can help us work more efficiently.

3. Female-Centric Environment

Apart from the amazing female-oriented interior design that is so popular, there are many other benefits to coworking spaces for women only. Many of these have spaces for clubs or groups. These can be hobbies such as yoga or book clubs, but also seminars and groups about anxiety, depression, impostor syndrome, exhaustion, and other issues professionals face. These groups are not necessary for an office setting. Attending them could be seen as a weakness. This is not true in a women-only workplace, where these groups can help to build relationships between women.

4. Diversity in the Workplace but Feminine-Oriented

Many women working in STEM are in male-dominated fields. This makes it difficult for them to meet other women professionals in their field. Many women from different fields have had the opportunity to meet each other by working in a coworking space. They also have the opportunity to share professional ideas and start projects together. These coworking spaces are a key part of the female revolution in tech and they play a crucial role in it. Why?

These amazing women will have the opportunity to meet other like-minded women and discover that they are not alone. Although it might seem easier to believe you are part of the minority when there are men around you at work, you will feel more confident when you have a wider network of female professionals.

5. Inspiration for the Future Generation

Unfortunately, many young women are still choosing not to pursue a STEM career as they don’t want to work in a male-dominated workplace. Many of these women’s concerns will disappear once coworking spaces that are exclusively female become a standard part of the professional world. These coworking spaces for women are a great way to bring together female professionals from many different fields.

They can help them create a network that will allow them to start female-centric start-ups. This will be a viable alternative for young professionals. Young women won’t have to be worried about being the only woman in their workplaces over the next few years. Who said that tech’s start-up industry had to be male-centric? This notion is rapidly changing with every new coworking space that is exclusively for women.

Only coworking spaces for women can provide a more welcoming environment for female professionals. They don’t have to work in offices that look like frat houses. Instead, they can go to work in an environment that is tailored to their needs. They can also meet strong female professionals, and create a network that can support them in confronting sexism at work. This can also help lay the foundation for strong women’s alliances tomorrow.

This post was written by Tara Kintz. Tara is a director at Signature Workspace. Signature Workspace, owned and operated by Cantor Fund Management, offers services and amenities such as private offices, flex space, co-working space, virtual offices, meeting/conference rooms, and more. Click here for more information.

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