Four Things You Should Know about Malta company Formation 

You can form a Maltese company and other commercial partnerships by signing an agreement with shareholders or members registered at the Malta Financial Service Authority or MFSA. The Maltese Registry of Companies will review your application after you submit the necessary documents in a well-maintained order.

You can conduct your business activities as a limited liability company or trade-in your name as a sole trader. Malta company formation is also possible by forming a partnership with at least one partner. The limited liability company may have more significant advantages than other methods mentioned above.

  1. Documentation 

The documents required to form a Maltese company include the Memorandum. It consists of the name of the company and its registered address. The deed also represents either it is a private or public company and the details of shareholders. It will show the amount of authorized and deposited share capital and the number of shares held by all shareholders with their prices.

  1. Company Name 

You can choose any name for your company as long as it is not similar to another company’s name. The Registrar of Companies can refuse to register a company’s name if it sounds offensive or undesirable.

  1. Required Initial Capital 

The required initial capital for Malta company formation varies, depending on the type of corporation you want to register on the island. The minimum share capital for a private company is €1,165, and you have to pay at least 20 percent of it. You will need to deposit at least 25 percent of the minimum share capital of €44,588 if you want to form a public company.

  1. Number of Directors and Shareholders

A Maltese private company should have one director while there is no maximum number of executives. Likewise, it has to have one shareholder or a maximum of fifty members. A public company, on the other hand, must have two directors but no maximum number. Unlike a private company, a public company needs to have a minimum of two shareholders.


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